Harmony enables creation

New value is created by perceiving the intrinsic value in seemingly contradictory things and then combining them together. This principle is also adhered to by SNC Co., Ltd. and Sports Network and Creations Co., Ltd., both under the umbrella of incord holdings. This principle states that, in the same way that simultaneously performing seemingly unrelated movements in the world of sports allows for unprecedented power and remarkable improvements in skill, new value is created through combinations that superbly balance contradictory and/or mutually distant things. Realizing new projects and products untried by anyone else when sure of demand – that is our mission in the incord group.
The company name “incord” is formed by removing the word “con (to deceive people)” from the phrase “in concord (as in to ‘harmonize’ with), and this is an expression of our desire.

Maintaining the desire to learn from everything

Being ready to accept change

Always acting with sincerity

Daily self-review and improvement

Displaying humility and the utmost propriety


In 2005, I established Sports Network and Creation Co., Ltd., which operates tennis schools, based on my personal experience. After that, I decided to enter the market aimed at Chinese tourists, which no one had yet done, and in 2008, I established SNC Co., Ltd.
Amidst a deep-rooted trend of considering it unthinkable to deal with Chinese companies, a Chinese company purchased the electronics retail store Laox. Co., Ltd. Then, as the store became a general duty-free shop, I began an inbound business due to the opportunity to provide new commodities. During the period in which the number of Chinese tourists dropped due to the Senkaku Islands dispute and the Great East Japan earthquake, I went to China and opened custard shops. In just two years, I opened as many as 60 shops while passing them on to other owners. After returning to Japan, I began a men’s apparel business in 2013 that was particular about being “made in Japan” because I believed that demand for this was on the rise among foreigners. My businesses do not emphasize profits. I feel it is my mission to attempt new businesses even when there is risk. That is because I feel that, if someone has to blaze a trail, then it should be us because we have the means to fully prepare and the leeway to backtrack in the middle. Incord holdings has grown based on our pride as a business that develops and monetizes the things that no one wants to but that someone has to. In the future, the incord group will wholeheartedly strive as one to create new value by perceiving the intrinsic value in things and then combining them together so that we may be of service to customers.

incord holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Hiroo Kato

  1. 2015


    Began “DREAM ORDER,” a crowd-funded apparel sales website (Developed the first crowd-funded apparel sales business in Japan made up of apparel companies with production capabilities.)



    Established incord holdings Co., Ltd.
    as the wholly owning parent company of three companies
    (Sports Network and Creations Co., Ltd.,
    SNC Co., Ltd.
    and COMITAS Co., Ltd.)
    and constructed a holdings system.



    Opened “tororo,” a pudding specialty shop in Bangkok, Thailand.

  2. 2015


    Began “FASHION TRUCK,” an apparel mobile retailer (Developed the first apparel wholesaling and sales in Japan using mobile retail vehicle.)



    Appointed as an advisor to “Xiao Nan Guo restaurants Holdings Limited” China



    Began business development, consulting services and system development services.



    Established the “International Purin Association” (The first association for pudding lovers in Japan.)

  3. 2013


    Purchased all shares of FASH international Co., Ltd. and commenced operation of “junhashimoto,” an apparel business.



    Began “BROCKTON GYMNASIUM,” an apparel business.



    Began sales of “MVUKE TOKYO” brand sweets in Shanghai, China
    Opened the first pudding specialty shop in China.



    Began commodity wholesaling and sales to Laox (Akihabara shop)
    Developed the first sports goods sales business in Japan to specialize in inbound products.

  4. 2008


    Established SNC Co., Ltd.



    Began “Sports Plus,” a personal trainer business
    Developed the first personal trainer business in Japan to specialize in helping the elderly and those recovering from illness to walk.



    Established Sports Network and Creations Co., Ltd.
    Established the “Winglobal Tennis Academy,” which specialized in the first publically-managed tennis schools in Japan with a designated manager system



    Appointed as a part-time lecturer at the Keio University Institute of Physical Education.