1. July 2005

    Established Sports Network and Creations Co., Ltd.
    Established the “Winglobal Tennis Academy,” which specialized in the first publically-managed tennis schools in Japan with a designated manager system
    (Winglobal Academy operates in eight locations as of 2015.)

  2. May 2006

    Began “Sports Plus,” a personal trainer business
    Developed the first personal trainer business in Japan to specialize in helping the elderly and those recovering from illness to walk.

  3. December 2008

    Established SNC Co., Ltd.

  4. October 2010

    Began commodity wholesaling and sales to Laox (Akihabara shop)
    Developed the first sports goods sales business in Japan to specialize in inbound products.

  5. July 2011

    Began sales of “MVUKE TOKYO” brand sweets in Shanghai, China
    Opened the first pudding specialty shop in China.

  6. April 2012

    Began “BROCKTON GYMNASIUM,” an apparel business.

  7. April 2013

    Purchased all shares of FASH international Co., Ltd.
    and commenced operation of “junhashimoto,” an apparel business.

  8. May 2013

    Established the “International Purin Association” (The first association for pudding lovers in Japan.)

  9. March 2014

    Began business development, consulting services and system development services.

  10. August 2014

    Appointed as an advisor to “Xiao Nan Guo restaurants Holdings Limited” China

  11. February 2015

    Began “FASHION TRUCK,” an apparel mobile retailer (Developed the first apparel wholesaling and sales in Japan using mobile retail vehicle.)

  12. March 2015

    Opened “tororo,” a pudding specialty shop in Bangkok, Thailand.

  13. April 2015

    Established incord holdings Co., Ltd. as the wholly owning parent company of three companies (Sports Network and Creations Co., Ltd., SNC Co., Ltd. and COMITAS Co., Ltd.) and constructed a holdings system.

  14. May 2015

    Began “DREAM ORDER,” a crowd-funded apparel sales website (Developed the first crowd-funded apparel sales business in Japan made up of apparel companies with production capabilities.)