The business principle for our sports-related services is “MORE SPORTS MORE VALUE.” Sports Network and Creations Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 with the goal of cultivating internationally-active top junior tennis players. The company’s mission is to construct systems for developing junior players, vitalize local societies through tennis, cultivate the youth, develop leaders who combine skill, education and humanity and improve their social standing. In addition, we were the first to respond to the increase in health consciousness and the lengthening of health expectancy, and in our dispatch training seminars for commercialized individuals and corporations, we aim to enrich services to meet a variety of needs.

[Tennis School Management]
[Sports Trainer Dispatch Services]

In addition to managing tennis schools under our Winglobe brand, we are entrusted to manage other schools, such as private sports clubs, etc., and entrusted to manage public facilities through a designated manager system, and we also operate a variety of events from eight locations across the country. In addition, in our sports trainer dispatch service, we go out to where the needs are, such as personal training for the wealthy, the elderly and children, exercises for the elderly to remain self-sufficient, and training guidance for corporations, and we provide training guidance based on advanced and highly unique training techniques supervised by experts in preventative medicine.