The important thing in business development is “to form new ideas that no one has ever done.” If a venture business without much capital tried to do business in a market with competitors, it wouldn’t be able to compete against heavily funded companies. The group company SNS Co., Ltd. began as an inbound business targeting Chinese consumers, but the company speedily developed new systems and products and introduced them into markets that were certain to have demand. From our desire to use our resources – accomplishments and ideas that embody this kind of new business model as well as the ability to make it happen in order to serve others – we develop a variety of new businesses while supporting the business development of other companies.

[Business Development]
Product development, personnel development, DREAM ORDER services, creative services
[Marketing Consultation Services]
[Distribution Services]
Inbound services, EC services (domestic and overseas)

“Your ideas have ossified and you can’t act boldly. Your business model is degrading because you can’t keep up with the introduction of IT. You know you have to do something new, but you can’t come up with any fresh ideas.”
For businesses like this, we propose new projects capable of achieving success in the market and that make the maximum use of the company’s resources. We provide systematic support for management of new projects as well as product sales using IT solutions based on EC site construction, design creation, marketing consultations on sales methods and PR, as well as sales support using our own distribution. In addition to conducting business development based on new system construction, we engage in product development in line with inbound consumption by the Chinese, and we focus on distribution strategies as a core business. Based on our unique know-how cultivated by engaging in business in markets before anyone else, we are making a start in Chinese human resource development, which will become even more necessary in the future.