Incord holdings Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Hiroo Kato) and Cyber Group (Shanghai, China, President Chang Jui Lin), China’s largest inbound comprehensive support company and affiliate of the Taiwanese Hon Hai Foxconn, known for purchasing SHARP, have established JV and Cyber Inbound Solutions Co., Ltd. (Representatives Hiroo Kato and Jun Sugimura), which will serve as a comprehensive inbound support company in Japan. We will enact a variety of measures to ensure that foreign tourists have a more pleasant stay in Japan and become fonder of Japan.

Company name
賽博国際控股( 賽博国際持株会社)
Contents of
Chain stores selling digital products, Management of Cybermart
Management of Big Cyber – a real and virtual shop for new products rmart
Import and export of products, an overseas travel service platformrmart
Investments in start-up companiesrmart
Other services such as agriculture, medicine, etc.
Location of head office
New Caohejing International Business Centre, 4th floor, Building B, 391 Guiping Road, Shanghai
Founder and President Chang Jui Lin
234,000,000 CNY (4,462,500,000 JPY) as of March 2015
Annual Sales
956,000,000 CNY (18,230,000,000 JPY) as of March 2015
Chang Jui Lin 51%, Foxconn Group 30%, other 19%

Number of
managed stores
Large-scale chain store: 21 stores on the Chinese mainland
Stores in rented venues: 8,000 stores / Number of Members: 2,000,000